AgriTrition are the solution to your Lime Spreading
and Renewable Fertiliser requirements

AgriTrition is based in Bardney, operating across Lincolnshire and also the surrounding counties including Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Norfolk. We have a wide range of services from soil sampling, field mapping and analysis right through to supply and spreading. At AgriTrition we know that every farm has different requirements, therefore we have FACTS qualified advisers to help with 

recommendations so each farm gets the right product at the right price.


As growers strive to increase soil health, having the correct foundations in place is core to the whole process. Applying good quality lime at targeted rates to get pH corrected, is fundamental to nutrient availability and soil biology. As yields have hit a plateau returning to the basics of soil health and structure is key to lifting output and long term profitability. 



Regular pH testing ensures your soil is in balance and allows for optimum nutrient availability and is the basis for soil health. Using Trimble GPS software we are able to map your fields and produce variable rate application plans to target the correct inputs. We offer a full soil sampling service and can provide from basic soil tests through to full Solvita soil health assessments. This can be done on a sample per field, GPS gridding or full E.C. scan followed  by determined zones.


Supply and Application

We provide a full sample, supply and spread service. Lime is sourced from the closest quarry that provides a product that is of a high enough standard and quality. Application is by trailed spreaders using GPS equipment and experienced operators. As this is normally done in a busy time of year for growers with harvest and autumn cultivations all happening, we aim to work with you and make sure it fits with your plans.

Holmewood Arable LTD


Providing independent agronomy in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, and Yorkshire for combinable, pulse, sugar beet and forage crops. Independent consultancy separates sales from advice and gives clarity for the grower that inputs are targeted for best economic response. Full support for fertiliser and nutrition programs. Precision farming using Gatekeeper and other industry options. Budgeting support, planning and record keeping for cropping costing and year end standards.


Lime and Spreading

Lime is sourced from local quarries to obtain the right lime for your farm.  All neutralizing  values (NV) are checked to ensure the continuity of the product. 


Agricultural lime makes a tremendous difference to the productive potential of arable land and grassland, both in real terms and economic terms.


Sampling, analysis, recommendations and field maps are produced to enable the client to see exactly where and how much lime is required.


We have several spreaders across Lincolnshire which are operated by experienced drivers.  Our machines have full variable rate spreading capacity, with GPS.  All tractors and spreaders have low ground pressure tyres and a spread width of up to 12 meters.

Environmentally Friendly Fertilisers

Specialising in re-using products that would otherwise go to waste.


By reusing industrial and fertiliser products that would otherwise go to waste, we create bespoke fertilisers. We examine every element within these products to establish how we can use them as a fertiliser, either straight or blend to produce a product that is beneficial to the crops. 

Renewable fertilisers are playing an ever increasing part in the way we farm.


Using renewables is an extremely cost effective, reliable source of phosphate, potash, calcium sulphur and trace elements. They are an environmentally friendly fertiliser which is sustainable and can be used on arable and grassland.

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